The Best Car Wash

The Best Car Wash

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Wash your car with the best earth friendly soap

Car Wash Soap

Best Car Wash Soap: natural car wash soap makes an eco friendly car wash. It's biodegradable, gentle on your hands and your car's paint and interior.

Car wash and car mechanic hand wash detergents, solvents, greases, fluids, and even that new car smell can be toxic. Most of those things are part of car ownership. Generic chemical car wash and hand wash detergents can be swapped out for the best car wash soap. It's more pleasing, more effective, less polluting biodegradable eco-friendly soap.

The car in the photo has Green Heron bird poop on it

Instant Liquid Soap

Toxic chemicals runoff into the water supply

Car Wash Runoff

Instead of taking your car to the car wash, wash your car with the best car wash soap in your driveway. Use eco friendly biodegradable Castile Soap. It's inexpensive, fast and non toxic. The runoff will decompose safely without harming your pets, your children, you, wildlife or plants.

Have you ever gone to the Car Wash? It's easy. You pay and sit in the car or wait outside, while the car goes through the car wash and comes out sparkling clean. Most people don't really think about where the soap and water that was just rinsed off your car goes. What if you're a Motor-head like Andy, and you like to wash the car (s) in your driveway? Where does that water go? Do your pets step in it? Does it drain into your lawn? What soap do you use? 

Our cars are clean looking and fresh smelling, because Andy likes to do this.

Learn to read ingredient labels

The best car wash is easy to use

Car Wash Tools

  • Instant Liquid Soap
  • spray bottle
  • sponge
  • rubber gloves
  • rinse water
  • shop vac or some tougher vacuum for the inside of the car

Diluting instructions:

Dilute one bag of Instant Liquid Soap into one quart of liquid soap (32 oz.).

Pour 1/2 of the quart of liquid soap (16 oz.) into a one gallon container and fill it SLOWLY with water. This makes 1 gallon of Go Soap, aka waterless hand soap, that you use as hand sanitizer replacement and general cleaner.

Refill an empty spray bottle to use on everything.

How to Dilute Instant Liquid Soap

The best car wash soap

How to Wash Your Car

Park your car in a place where you can get the ground wet and the car wash runoff will absorb into the ground or go into the sewer.

Dilute the soap.

Fill your spray bottle.

Spray the soap all over your car, complete wetting it thoroughly. Let the soap sit on the car for 5 minutes. This will loosen up debris and bugs. Gently scrub it with the sponge. For hard to remove clumps of grime, use a gentle, non scratch scrubby.

Hose off or rinse with buckets of water. 

Note the old temporary paper bag and label for the Instant Liquid Soap


Detail the Inside of the Car

Detail the inside of the car. This simply means to clean the inside of the car in detail.

Empty the car of all debris. Decorations, garbage, useful items that live in the car, seat covers. Everything that is not physically part of the car, should be removed.

With the crevice nozzle, vacuum the door jams, trunk jams, and hood jams. Using the crevice nozzle, vacuum all the tiny parts of the dash, including vent slats, inside the glovebox, door pockets, around the windows including the rear window and windshield, and around seat levers.

Clean under everything

Remove all of the mats and seat covers

Remove the floor mats and vacuum them outside of the car with the small flat furniture vacuum attachment. continue to use the flat attachment to vacuum the car floor and the seats. Take care to lay the seats down to get in all of the hidden creases.

Vacuum under the seats. Move the seats back and forth to get every piece of the floor underneath them. Vacuum all of the flat floor like surfaces, like the hatch and trunk.

Continue with the flat attachment to clean the the dashboard shelf up to where it meets the windshield. 

With the brush attachments, go over the entire dashboard.

door jams and dashboard

Clean inside the doors

Spray the door jams with soap and wipe them off. Lightly spray soap on the doors, including inside the door pockets. Wipe down with the sponge. Buff with a clean towel.

Spray the inside of the all of the windows and wipe them off, making them sparkly. If there are streaks, rinse the sponge to remove dirty water, spray the windows again with soap and wipe them off again. You can buff towel dry them to make them sparkle.

Lightly spray the dash with soap, and wipe down with the sponge. Repeat this process with the seats, including the seat levers. Buff with the towel.

Leave the car doors and batch or trunk door open for 15-30 minutes after you have finished cleaning to air dry further.

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