Instant Liquid Soap

Work with us! Partner with us to change the way liquid soap is manufactured, packaged and sold.

Why would any natural soap company want to ship already diluted soap, when you can ship it dry? Begin a significant change today. Our goal is Water Conservation, within the soap industry. Make it your goal, too 

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How dry liquid soap product came into being:

Some years ago, we were faced with a problem. Shipping prices were going up and the plastic bottle supply unreliable. In that moment, we realized that we had an opportunity to solve two unmet environmental challenges:

1. Eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles.

2. Eliminate shipping water. 

We are now producing and selling Instant Liquid Soap, that is packaged dry. The end user dilutes it and decants the liquid soap into their own dispenser, then composts the package. This leaves water in place, instead of creating desertification.

Our customers love it. Yours will too! Just add water.

Initiate Liquid Castile Soap industry changes

It seems as if you're taking your business to the plastic free future. What are you doing for liquid soap products?  Whether you need to purchase wholesale, private label, or license our dry liquid soap concept, we have the solution for you. We can work with your contract manufacturers to take your liquid soap brand into the future.

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3 reasons to license instant liquid soap

Be ahead of the industry curve

Try it and see

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Packaging made simple

Paperboard boxes, cartons, or even paper bags are all suitable packaging for Instant Liquid Soap, since there is no need for a plastic waterproof seal. Our plant plastic lined paper sack that we are currently using, holds water for a few hours, before it begins the composting process.

Save money, space and time

Everyone benefits along the way: 

A product that truly works

Dilute in the compostable bag       Dilute and decant into your own container.                

The current paper pouch filled with 32 oz. of water, waiting for soap to magically change into liquid Castile Soap

Simply fill the bag to the label top. Gently stir and wait a few minutes. Form a spout with the bag and decant into your own liquid soap dispenser. Wash more dishes with less soap. It's a win win for everyone involved. 

Become a zero waste leader

The spirit of cooperation this product provides, from the manufacturer through to the end user, is the key to the future.  Let's create the future for the liquid soap industry.

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Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut oil, 100% water processed essential oils.

Instant Liquid Soap is a simple concept. Just add water. Gently stir. Clean!

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Get the ball rolling

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