Blueberries and Cucumbers!

Blueberries and Cucumbers!

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I love cucumbers!

My favorite things to eat, blueberries, cucumbers, and zucchini are in at The Ithaca Farmers Market! String and Romano beans, lettuce, kale.  

In my garden, my cucumbers and zucchinis are not quite in yet, since I am a simple gardener. I should be picking my 1st zucchini this week! WooHoo. 

Farmers have greenhouses and hoop houses and the knowledge of how to use them to extend their growing seasons. This hard work, and a bit more challenging for organic farmers. The information passed down through family farms brings exceptional food to you. 

I grew up in suburbia, but my parents taught all of us to appreciate and respect rural living and knowledge. I'm so happy that my father got to visit Andy's family's 500 acre small dairy farm while he was alive and able to walk around to take it in. 

Remember to go to any farmers market, even though I think ours is the absolute best!  

Visit us in booth 6 Sat. 9-3, Sun. 10-3

If you can't make it, get your soap from us!  Thanks for being there.

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