Opening Day at Steamboat Landing 4/6/24 Booth 6

Opening Day at Steamboat Landing 4/6/24 Booth 6

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Opening Day At Steamboat Landing

April 6, 2024

Welcome back to our outdoor pavilion at Steamboat Landing, 3rd St. passed Aldi's

Come join us on the Ithaca Waterfront. Hike the trail. Eat local food from our spectacula vendors.

Make new friends. Connect with community.

What is in season at the Ithaca Farmers Market

Eat local

Get the Spring bounty for your holiday celebrations.

We have a plethora of fresh lettuce, arugula, spinach, maybe asparagus. You may find some sweet overwintered special carrots, celeriac, onions, leaks, apples. 

Wine, hard cider, mushroom spirits. WooHoo!

Huge selection of meats to choose from

Happy farm animals

See how the egg white is strong and holds a good shape? That's what an egg from a happy chicken looks like. A loose runny thin (weak) egg white, is from a sad chicken.

There will definitely be a delicious selection of meats: pork, lamb, chicken, goat, bison, possibly some duck or goose (you never know), and fresh yummy farm fresh eggs

Craft and food vendors will be there to add to your Spring holiday tables. There will be soap to clean up after your guests. Conserve water by diluting Instant Liquid Soap at home.

How to Hand Wash Dishes

Read carefully. IFM hours go with the seasons


The Ithaca Farmers Market moves back to the pavilion at Steamboat Landing on April 6th back at the pavilion. 

Saturdays 9-3pm: April 6, 2024 to Oct. 26, 2024 

Saturdays 10-2pm: Nov. 2, 2024 to Dec. 21, 2024

Sundays 10-3: May 5th, 2024 to Oct. 27, 2024

Sundays 10-2pm: Nov. 3, 2024 to Nov. 24, 2024

Visit us in Booth 6. See you at the market. If you can't make it, shop here. Sign up for our newsletter below and receive a 25% off coupon for online shopping.

There is 1 more week of the Winter Market at The Triphammer Mall. 10:30-2pm

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