Spinach 4/20/24

Spinach 4/20/24

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Spring rain is making everything grow

New Vendors!

The Ithaca Farmers Market is in full swing.

We have an amazing new basket maker vendor, called Owl Creek Oasis.

They grow color grown reeds and weave a selection of sturdy garden baskets, offered at very reasonable prices. I will be getting a few.

Hopefully they will be able to repair my 100 plus year old garden basket, I use it for the entire garden season and it has a hole in the bottom, which I have been covering with my garden map.

They also have Shitaki mushrooms. 



As April showers water everything Spring greens related, they are growing.

Sweet tender Spring greens and over Wintered root vegetables are a special treat. Lettuces, spinach, tender Spring kale, sorrel, sweet crunchy carrots, Spring green onions, and more are all available.

Going by my own rhubarb patch, I'm guessing rhubarb will be available either this weekend or next. Time for those Spring pies!

Fruit and Vegetable Wash



Fresh, kindly grown, meats from happy animals and a variety of eggs are another Spring treat.

Our market farmers have chicken, duck, and goose eggs. A naturally grown goose egg from Sabols farm is about as big as 4-5 hen eggs.

Jasper Farms has a few different kind of eggs.

Just a Few Acres offers chicken eggs and free range, organic, never been frozen chickens.  

How to Hand Wash Dishes

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Plan your visit

If you can make it to the market, please stop in and say hello to us in booth 6. We are there from 9-3pm.

Sunday Markets begin the 1st Sunday in May. Sunday hours are 10-3.

The full Ithaca Farmers Market schedule can be found here

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