Spring Harvest

Spring Harvest

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Spring at Market

Fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the farm to you is the best food available. It is grown with care and love. From being live and growing, it is carefully washed a small washing station, carefully packed into crates and boxes, placed a small trucks and driven to the market, where it is sold direct to the shopper.

On the flip side, fruits and veggies grown on massive commercial farms, that use blanket fertilization and cultivation methods (organic or toxic chemical), are sometimes completely removed from human energy input. Once food is grown at this scale, the term "organic" takes on a new meaning that is worlds away from my simple organic gardening methods, or the botanist and entomologist local farmer growing methods.

These fruits and vegetables are dumped into washing stations that use chlorinated water. Then they are dumped into bins and loaded onto tractor trailers with forklifts. The doors are shut and the trucks rattle down the road, sometimes for very long distances. The fruits and vegetables land in warehouses, where they are packaged into small plastic packages.

The packages are loaded into bins and totes, loaded back into the tractor trailer and trucked to a grocery store near you. Every time you see "fresh" fruits and vegetables packed in single serve or family size plastic packages, this is how it gets to you.

We would love to see you his weekend at The Ithaca Farmers Market. Andy is in booth 6.

Sat 9-3**Sun 10-3

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