Spring Treats at Market

Spring Treats at Market

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Earth Day Every Day

We had a few warm spells this Winter, which gave us a variety of Spring green treats not usually found in such abundance at farmers markets. Raabs. Broccoli raab, kale raab, cabbage raab, cauliflower raab, and more. Raab is a tender broccoli like floret with a tender stem and some tender leaves. They only greow if a plant was able to stay alive throughout the Winter, in a dormant state. Then in the Spring the plants begin to grow again giving us these raab treats.

Come get them at your market this weekend. Since they are special and fleeting, they will not last long. These plants will need to be pulled, freeing up space for this years vegetable plantings.


As Earth Day continues to be celebrated, The Ithaca Farmers Market will be having Earth Day events throughout the day, 4/27/24.


Remember to visit us in booth 6. We celebrate Earth Day, everyday. Bring good, natural soap into your life.

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