Best Way to Clean a Bathroom

Best Way to Clean a Bathroom

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Clean without producing garbage

Zero Waste

The best way to clean a bathroom is to do all of the cleaning without producing any garbage. All too often, one time plastic wipes and sponges are used to clean bathrooms. Plus, there are a variety of harmful chemical cleaners for each item in your bathroom, each in a single use plastic bottle.

Bathroom soap can be a tricky subject. You are cleaning human waste from you and your family. Hair droppings, fingernail clippings, soap scum that rinsed off you in the shower, skin that flakes off when you scrub yourself to once again be clean and shiny.

A good bathroom soap is versatile, able to take care of all your bathroom needs simply by diluting it to the correct strength. Simple, safe and extremely effective, by killing pathogens, washing them away, and leaving your bathroom clean and free from toxic cleaning fluid fumes and residue.

Natural Castile Soap cleans everything

Soap kills germs

The right way to clean your bathroom, is by using the best liquid Castile soap to quickly kill pathogens. It  can even be used as an accessory to your bidet toilet seat or separate bidet, if you have one.

Bathroom Cleaning Tools

Ready to clean your bathroom using natural hand soap? Here is your bathroom cleaning tool list:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponge with scrubby side
  • Mop bucket
  • Instant Liquid Soap
  • Reused spray bottle or reused ketchup bottle

I like reused ketchup bottles that have a needle nose twist spout.

What is Castile Soap

Clean everything in the bathroom

Castile Soap is Versatile

Instant Liquid Soap will clean everything in your bathroom, making it fresh smelling and sparkling clean. Gone are the days of your bathroom cleaners harsh chemicals giving you headaches and irritating your hands. Pick a natural, essential oil aroma (or unscented) that is pleasing to you and your family, so your clean bathroom smells fresh and good, instead of chemical "clean".

Wear good rubber gloves! If you're a little bit sloppy and splatter a lot, wear a mask so when you splatter, and it gets on your face, your mouth and nose are shielded. Get good at being time efficient and neat, so you don't have to go so far as wearing a face mask.

Instant Liquid soap

Dilute at home

Just Add Water

Instant Liquid Soap diluted to different strengths will take care of all your cleaning needs.

Instant Liquid Soap is a Castile soap, meaning it is a soap made with vegetable oil (instead of petroleum oil residue or synthetic foaming detergents), cleans it all. It is the best way to clean your bathroom.

One product is best, instead of many different products for each part of your bathroom. By using one soap for all of the bathroom cleaning tasks, you not only save money, you also save time by being super efficient.

Reduce garbage and save the environment by eliminating single use plastic bottles from your life.

Dilute to different strengths

Scrub those shower tiles and the grout in between

Clean the Shower

Clean the soap scum off of the shower floor, the shower door, and the bathtub. Use a scrubby sponge or brush to scrub off soap scum, if you have that.

Tile and grout look lovely, but you have to keep up with it. If you let it go too far, take a plastic quart container and put in full strength Instant Liquid Soap in it. Dip a firm toothbrush, a grout cleaning brush, or a stainless steel wool pot washing sponge directly in the soap and scrub the gunk off of the grout. It's a tedious but rewarding job. A scrubby sponge will work fine with Instant Liquid soap on the tile.

Wash all of the faucets and fixtures. Wipe down all of the racks and shelves that hold all of your soap and shampoo, and the towel racks to dry wash clothes.

Scrub the tup so it's clean enough to take a bath

Clean the Bathtub

Scrub the bathtub right before you take a bath. Bathtubs are an old fashioned luxury. They are also dust collectors and pet lounges, especially if you have tub loving pets that like to hang out in there.

Simply spray Instant Liquid Soap all over your bathtub, scrub with your scrubby sponge. Collect all of the dust and debris and put it in your garbage or compost. Rinse off all of the soap. Scrub the drain hole, the screen if you use one to collect debris, and the drain plug.

Fill the tub with the perfect temperature water for an all natural, relaxing bubble bath.

Then scrub it again after you finish your bath. This way you take a clean bath every time.

What's in cleaning fluids?

Wear rubber gloves for this part

Clean the toilet

Dilute one bag of the Instant Liquid Soap to 1 gallon strength, for toilet cleaning. A spray bottle or an old ketchup bottle work well to apply the soap in this dilution.

Start by squirting soap inside your toilet bowl. Start up at the top of the rim and squirt the soap around the circumference of the bowl. It will run down into the toilet bowl water, where all of the stains are. Let it sit there while you move on to begin the toilet cleaning.

Fill your mop bucket partway with warm water for rinsing your sponge.

Begin your toilet cleaning with the dust and scum around the base of the toilet and  the outside of the toilet. Move up to clean the top and all of the sides of the toilet tank. Pay close attention to the flush handle. With a sudsy sponge or spray soap directly onto the handle and wipe it off, making sure to get all of the crevices on the flush handle.

Rinse your sponge in clean water in your mop bucket.

Pay close attention to all details

The Nitty Gritty

Wipe down the toilet seat, with a freshly soaped up sponge. Make sure to get the top, sides, the back where it attaches to the ceramic part of the toilet, and the underside of the seat. Pay special attention to all of the bumps and curves on the seat underside, nooks and crannies to get all of that poop and urine scum cleaned up. Rinse the sponge out in your mop bucket with clean soapy water in between parts of the seat.

Then, move on to the ceramic part pot the toilet that the seat sits on. With your freshly soaped up sponge, wipe the top of the ceramic and the inside lip.Grab your toilet bowl brush and scrub inside the toilet bowl. Wedge that specially shaped toilet bowl brush under the lip of the ceramic, where the flush water comes out, and scrub around the toilet circumference. Goop and scum can hide up in there.

When you are finished washing inside the bowl, close the lid and flush to rinse the bowl clean. Open the lid, gently swish the brush in the clean water to rinse it off. Squirt some soap on the brush, and gently swish it around in the toilet bowl again to rinse off the soap and debris. Wipe the brush holder with your soapy sponge. Wipe down the brush handle and place in the clean brush holder, so you're good to go for next time.

Last but not least

Clean the Bathroom Sink

Last but not least, clean the sink. This is the catch all for all of the hair, dust and other bathroom gunk. I use a fine mesh screen to catch everything in the sink drain, so my drain rarely if at all gets clogged. Empty the screen of all of the debris, and scrub the sink, the fixtures, the light above the sink, light switch, vanity mirror, inside the vanity, all of there towel racks.

Easily and very effectively clean hair brushes, beard brushes and combs.

If you're already ahead of the cleaning game, reusing, recycling and composting as much as possible, you will empty the garbage pail into your recycling bin, and wash the bathroom garbage pail with soap and water. If you use a plastic bag liner, consider replacing it with a cloth one that can be washed in. your washing machine  in the rag and dirty work clothes load.

Now that you have scrubbed your bathroom and it's sparkling clean, move on to yourself.

Personal hygiene, such as your hands, body, face, hair, nails. Instant Liquid Soap is a very sudsy, non-toxic bubble bath.

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