How to make a bath

How to make a bath

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How to make a bath

The best bubble bath

A bubble bath is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. A bubble bath is also a luxury. You may not think of it as one, but to fill a tub with 25-40 gallons of clean hot water is, most definitely, a luxury.

You can set the mood, by warming up the bathroom. Simply close the door and window while you are filling up the tub with hot water. This will collect the steam from the hot running water in the air, adding to the ambiance and warming the air temperature.

If you like candles and incense, light them in a safe place. I prefer natural beeswax candles and natural herb and spice incense. You can read about the benefits of natural honeybees beeswax here.

Are you a bath person? Instant Liquid Soap Refill makes an excellent bubble bath.

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Not all Castile Soap is created equally

Bubble Bath Benefits

When you submerge your body into hot water, it relaxes your muscles quickly, which in turn will relax your mind. It's like a combination of a hot compress, a massage, and a meditation, on your whole body. Combine that with good, oil based, natural liquid Castile soap for your bubble bath, and you are conditioning your skin at the same time.

Not all Castile soap is created equally. Make sure yours is gentle enough to leave your skin soft. Most importantly, make sure your Castile Soap makes lots of bubbles

What is Castile soap?

Everything you need for the perfect bubble bath

Gather your tools

A bubble bath is a wonderful time to take care of your mind, body, and spirit, all in one activity.

In preparation, I have my spa treatments and tools. You may have additions.

Instant Liquid Soap: A good bubble bath is sudsy liquid soap that, free from foaming agents and chemicals. You are going to soak your body in this, so healthful ingredients are very important.

Bar Soap: I prefer a bar of soap for face and shower washing, so in the case of a bath, I still wash my face with bar soap.

Olive Oil Shampoo Bar: It seems like an extra step to wash your hair during a bath, but you will be fully clean if your head and hair are washed too. You can wash your hair while the bath is running in the sink or shower, if it's separate from your tub. For me, I leave it wrapped up in my hair towel while soaking. Or wash it in the bubble bath, especially if you have short hair.

How to use Bar Soap

Select some music and insense

More tools

Lip Balm: This might seem like a funny thing to include, but soft lips and hair conditioner are nice additions.

Loofah: Gently scrubbing with a loofa removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation. This is called exfoliation. Click the link to learn how to exfoliate skin.

Facial loofah and sponge: Gently scrubbing your face with a small round loofa with soap, invigorates your skin, while removing tiny dirt particles. A small facial sponge will remove soap easily.

Clay: A bubble bath is a great time to give your self a facial mask, which removes toxins that get lodged in your pores, deep cleaning your face.

Beeswax candle (or a naturally perfumed candle): candles promote a light level, giving your bathroom into a luxurious spa, meditative atmosphere.

Music: your choice

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How to use Liquid Soap Refill for a bubble bath

Natural Bubble Bath

Making a bubble bath with natural soap is a slightly different process, than making one with chemical soaps and detergents.

Using Liquid Soap Refill as a bubble bath is the old fashioned way, before detergents became the norm.

Dilute the Liquid Soap Refill by following the instructions on the package. You can also read about that here. Depending on your taste and desires, use a 1/4 cup - 1 cup measure of the diluted Liquid Soap Refill for your bubble bath.

I like to wash the bathtub before filling it to remove any dust that may have accumulated.

Put in your stopper and run the water at your desired temperature. When your bath is about 1/2 to 3/4 full (whatever you call full), drizzle the Liquid Soap Refill under the running water.  The pressure of the running water over the thin stream of liquid soap will create a nice foamy, sudsy bath.

The key to getting a nice stiff bubble bath when using natural Castile soap, is to drizzle the soap under the running water.


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