How to use Bar Soap

How to use Bar Soap

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how to use bar soap

Good Bar Soap

How to use a bar of soap is simple.

Wet your hands with hot or cold water, pick up your dry bar of soap and rub it between your hands.

Put the bar of soap back on its soap dish, and rub your hands together.

You may need to add a bit more water to generate a good lather.

Depending on your bar, you may need to add a bit more soap,  to make sure you get a good amount of lather.

Bar Soap

Bubbles do the cleaning

Lather is important

Once you have the lather, continue rubbing your hands together. Get the soap under your fingernails. Rub some of the lather onto the back of your hands, and in-between your fingers. Rub some lather onto your nail beds.

Rub this lather around for 20 seconds. This is how long a real bar of soap will take to effectively kill germs. For more on how soap kills germs, click here.

See that yellow spot on the soap bar? That's the last tiny bit of an oat soap merged into the new bar. Nothing is wasted.

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How to use bar soap


Get the most out of a bar of soap with the simple tips:

Store in a dark dry place: if you're like most people, you buy a few bars of soap at a time and store them. It is best to store them in a dark, dry place, like a linen closet. The best bar soaps come in a handy box, so they are not covered in store dust. There's no need for a an extra bag or anything. If you buy scented bars, you can put them in between your sheets and towels for a little extra pleasant aroma.

Once you start using a bar of soap, place on a well drained, dry soap dish. Storing bar soap in a puddle between uses will cause it to slowly wash down the drain. 

For a shower, lather up using a loofah or sea sponge for the best and most lather, while using the least soap. A wash cloth is a good second choice, since the terrycloth will soak up much of the lather. Rubbing the soap directly all over your body is the least efficient way to use a bar of soap, and will generate the least lather.

How to Exfoliate Skin

How to wash your face

Face washing

There are a few ways to wash your face depending on your skin's needs.

For oily skin: Lather up a small loofa to exfoliate dead skin cells. Gently rub the loofa in circles all over your face, making sure to get in all of the crevices around your nose, under your ear lobes, and under your chin. Rinse the soap off with a cellulose sponge. This will invigorate your skin, while removing excess dirt, dead skin cells and oil.

Delicate skin

Dry Skin

For delicate skin, wash your face with your hands. Wet your hands. Rub the bar of soap in your hands to get a good lather. Gently rub your hands on your face to get the lather all over your face. Rinse by gently splashing your face with water to remove all of the soap, along with excess dirt and oils.

For dry skin, after washing your face, you may wish to apply oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. Beeswax Lip Balm is an excellent skin moisturizer.

Beeswax Lip Balm for face

How much soap money does a shower cost you

Long Lasting Bar Soap

Let's say you spend $6.00 on a bar of soap and it lasts for 7 days of showers. That's $.84 per shower. 

For your next bar of soap, you spend $10.00. That seems like a lot of money, except it lasts for 8 weeks or 56 showers. That's $.18 cents per shower. F.Y.I.: One bar lasts me and Andy 6 weeks of daily showers - 84 showers. That's $.12 a shower.

Good soap is cost effective.

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Stain Remover

Laundry Soap Bar

A laundry soap bar may be a specially formulated bar of soap, but that is not always necessary. Some bar soap is all purpose, especially Castile bar soaps that are usually a slightly gentler on the skin, but tough on grease and grime. This type of bar soap is effective at spot washing to remove stains.

Let's say, you are eating a hamburger, and a blob of ketchup and mayonnaise, mixed with a little bit of hamburger juice, drips out of the sandwich and onto your shirt. Oh no! this is a permanent stain in the making.

A general Castile type bar of soap can be very versatile, in that it is effective on your skin and on your clothing. The beauty of bar soap, is that you can carry one in your purse, backpack, or briefcase for just this type of emergency.

Immediately wipe up the excess glop. Go to a sink and wet the stained area of your shirt with cold water. Take that handy bar of soap, and gently lather up the effected area, by rubbing a little bit of the bar on the stain. Take care to be gentle with the fabric, so you don't wash out the food stain and create another type of spot by being too rough with the fabric in one place, making it look different than the rest of the garment. With your fingers, carefully rub the soap to create a lather. If you can, leave the soap on the fabric for 5 minutes, before rinsing it with cold water.

Place a towel, paper or cloth over the area and gently squeeze to soak up excess water. Smooth the fabric out with your hands, to prevent wrinkles. If a shadow of the stain is still there, rub a little bit of the bar soap on the stain again and leave it there until you launder the shirt in your washing machine.

By leaving the soap on the fabric, it will soak up excess oil, instead of that excess oil working its way deep into the fabric.

Laundry Soap Recipe

Bar Soap for Hair

Shampoo Bar

Olive Oil Shampoo Bar is an all olive oil soap, specially formulated for hair.

Click here to for the best long hair conditioner.

Shampoo Bar