Mother's Day

Mother's Day

All across the North Americas (USA and Canada), Sunday, May 12, 2024, mother's are celebrated. Personally, I include Mother Earth in this, which is why I say, every day is Earth Day.

I saw a few beautiful poppy bouquets at the Farmer's Market last weekend, so we should be seeing more flowers this Mother's Day weekend.

Spinach is thriving, radishes, lettuces, arugula, raab, to name a few. There are a variety of mushroom growers, with beautiful musrooms.

Ramps are a wild garlic, that some farmers cultivate. They have large broad tender greens and a single crisp white garlic bulb. They are delicious in a quick stir fry. Mix them with raab florettes and a few mushrooms. Add some local pork or chicken, and a slice of crusty bread. 

Add a creamy mayo or hot sauce, available from our hot sauce and condiment makers at market and lunch for mom is served.

Of course of you don't feel like cooking, the food vendors are top notch at our market. You can sit and eat on the doc, while listening to live music, and go for a boat ride on the inlet. 

Andy will be in booth 6, with your energetically charged bar soap or Instant Liquid Soap, so mom can think of you and this lovely gift every time she washes her hands, takes a shower or bubble bath.  

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