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Ithaca Soap and Beeswax Lip Balm

Lavender Mint Bar Soap

Lavender Mint Bar Soap

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A lavender peppermint blend takes the best of both scents, thereby creating one that stands by itself. A refreshing, relaxing combination that could relieve sore muscles, itchy skin, headaches and may have antiseptic qualities. Peppermint has been known to increase blood flow, while lavender has been known to promote relaxation and a feeling of well being. Possibly good for acne and other facial blemishes.

Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut and sunflower oils, 100% pure essential oil blend

One Batch is 72 bars. Click here or go to Buy in Bulk to order a batch of soap boxed or unboxed. Please also 4-6 weeks for delivery when ordering a full batch of soap.

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